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We’ve taught thousands of people around the world how to grow mushrooms via online courses and in-person workshops at our farm in Sri Lanka.  And we'd love to teach you, too!

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Hundreds have completed this course over the years including mushroom farm workers and also chefs seeking a reliable supply of high quality and different varieties. Others have been budding entrepreneurs starting up a new enterprise, or farmers looking to diversify. Whatever your reason for growing mushrooms, we can help.

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LOur staff have been teaching this course and gathering information on mushroom cultivation for over 25 years. When you study this course you will have support from a team of academics that have access to information and experience that is not readily accessible elsewhere. 

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Over recent decades, there has been considerable change in both the scale of production and the methods used producing mushrooms. Mushroom production has become increasingly sophisticated; the science and techniques applied to growing mushrooms have improved and resulted in greater productivity.

Mushroom growing today generally requires a high level of investment in insulated buildings and temperature control equipment, humidity and ventilation equipment, among other technologies. With sophisticated, highly controlled growing environments, pests, diseases and other disorders are controlled in the large scale mushroom growing operations, giving a much higher quality product, and less risk than was seen earlier.

While Shitake remains the most widely cultivated mushroom, a greater diversity of mushrooms have been grown over recent years. Straw mushrooms, Oyster mushrooms and many others are becoming increasingly popular, both in the gourmet food industry, and more widely. The demand for mushrooms has expanded greatly throughout much of the world over recent decades.

Mushroom growing can be a complex process, but we believe that anyone can do it if they choose the right methods. So, we created GroCycle: an innovative social enterprise based in Devon, United Kingdom with a mission to teach everyone the easy way to grow mushrooms. 

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Below we have mentioned most popular activities done by us. You may feel free to ask anything and by every mean we are ready to help...




The most commonly grown mushrooms are Oyester, Button and Shitake. (the champignon) but there are lots of other edible fungi that are increasingly grown and eaten today. This course deals with various types but concentrates on Agaricus.  

Growing, harvesting, marketing, storage, pest and diseases and even ways of cooking and using mushrooms are all covered.

Mushrooms are living things and as such are somewhat unpredictable and variable. The way you treat a mushroom is different from place to place, time to time and according to what you are trying to get from the mushroom.  This course aims to teach mushroom growing in a way which will be relevant to any place in the world. It puts aside regional techniques and tries to teach you principles and concepts which can be applied to anywhere.

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mushroom supply



Mushrooms are delivered fresh daily to any location  only a few hours away. We supply freshly  with a variety of mushrooms ranging from retail cello packs through ten-pound bulk cases.

Our entire range of products is produced as per international quality standards. Therefore, they are dependable and worth the price. The raw materials that are used for the production of our finished products are acquired in minimally processed or unprocessed states; these are free from impurities as well.

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nature tours



We organize nature tours to observe and find wild mushrooms in rimote areas for those who like to get close to the nature. 

We go to one of a number of places around the district and look at the fungi, how they grow why they grow and pick some edible types for you to try. We strive to facilitate the fundamental learning of a sometimes culturally daunting subject: Mushroom foraging! 

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Please feel free to contact us with any questions, comments, suggestions, or observations you might want to express, were happy to help you in any way we can.

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